By Mike Ashley (editor)
Carroll & Graf - April 1999
ISBN: 0786706341
Mystery / Historical / Anthology

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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25 new stories involving two favorite subjects mysteries and the royal family. 

Authors are: M.G. Owen, Peter Tremayne, Mary Reed & Eric Mayer, Tom Holt, Susanna Gregory, Tina & Tony Rath, Liz Holiday, Mary Monica Pulver, Renee Vink, Jean Davidson, Edward Marston, Cherith Baldry, Margaret Frazer, Amy Myers, Claire Griffen, Derek Wilson, Paul Barnett, Robert Franks, Andrew Lane, John T. Aquino, Edward D. Hoch, Martin Edwards, Stephen Baxter, Richard A. Lupoff, Morgan Llywelyn. 

Having read this for a reading group, I found no one in the group who felt disappointed in ROYAL WHODUNNITS. Each writer has a voice of his/her own. Each mystery involves a member of the royal family. I was impressed with the knot-tying concept in The Snow of Saint Stephen by M.G. Owen. My favorite was Night's Black Agents by Peter Tremayne - the ending made me gasp. You will find another Mary Reed – Eric Mayer’s short story in here also. Their character John the Eunuch, who made his debut in HISTORICAL WHODUNNITS, will be out in his own mystery very soon.

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