Eclaire Mystery Series, No. 4

by Sophie Dunbar
Intrigue Press – 1999
ISBN: 1890768111

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Ho, Ho, Ho, someone has been naughty and I don't mean in the way Claire and Dan perceive naughty. When Dan and Claire's friends Charlotte and Foley decided to marry on Christmas Eve, everyone shows up the event, including the ex-wife.  Poor Daltons meet up with rich Daltons, artists, who are also guests, put on a show all their own. The bride’s mother is wants a true-to-form Baptist minister for the wedding, but Dan provides one with a little extra spirit in him.  I had to laugh at Ms. Dunbar’s characterization of Claire's maid -- it is hysterical. Oh, did I mention the “panty raid” lead by Dan?


I found this one to have a strong plot with plenty of suspects and twists and turns – I think it's because of all the strange wedding guests. Shiveree is the most impressive mystery I have read in the Eclaire Mystery Series, so far.  Readers can expect this one to be just as titillating, humorous and colorful as Ms. Dunbar’s past mysteries.


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