By Connie Shelton 

Intrigue Press  - 1998 
ISBN: 1089768057
Mystery /- PI - Detective

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Valle Escondido, New Mexico, a small town where everyone knows everyone. Charlie and her assistant Sally decided to take a visit there and meet one of Sally’s friends. Once Charlie meets Laura and learns of her friend’s death due to a miscarriage, it only takes a grain of doubt from Laura for Charlie to realize she can’t help herself. Was it a miscarriage or murder? With her brother talking gun control and a hunky visitor from Hawaii finding a landing spot in her heart. Charlie does a little soul searching while she hunts down the murderer.

Charlie is a PI who does it her way and when she doesn’t have a human partner, she brings along her dog Rusty (my favorite part of the read). I enjoyed the mystery, which wasn’t easy to solve and that’s how I like it. And Ms. Shelton knows how to add the right amount of humor in just the right spot. Her mystery series is a treat to read! 

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