By Edna Buchanan 
Hyperion - 1995 
ISBN: 0786860472

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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Trish Tierney comes to Miami to be a star police reporter just like Britt Montero. She has to take a job in the library at the paper at first, and then she meets Britt and becomes very helpful to her. Britt takes notice of Trish and promises to help her become a reporter. After a few weeks Trish catches a break and becomes a general assignment reporter, not exactly what Trish wanted but at least it is a reporter job. Very soon things start to go haywire at the paper. It becomes as dangerous there as on the streets. Britt begins to wonder if Trish's stories are what they seem to be. Stories such as: a desperate woman on a ledge and missing infants. Are the victims being manipulated in some way? Britt decides to check things out on her own and that’s when everything begins to come apart. She is accused of a murder and realizes that she could lose everything she has worked for. Britt knows she has to find the real murder on her own.


Crime reporter Edna Buchanan is a masterful writer and never forgets that her reporter-heroine is her biggest story. This is a book to read if you like heart-stopping drama. Edna Buchanan has done it again.


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