By Barry H. Smith 
Erica House Publishers
December 1999
ISBN 1893162060 - Paperback

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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TWILIGHT DYNASTY is an upfront, supernatural thriller that will hold you in your seat or scare you right out of it. 

A coed named Amanda Stewart runs out of the Muskoka Woodlands of Canada chased by a creature.  Ben Parker who happens to be a reporter rescues her. Amanda is the niece of Kyle Morrow, a high-powered lawyer who is well respected by his peers.  Morrow feels that his life is missing something so he decides to try past life regression. This is where I began to lose interest, but decided to read on and boy was I glad that I did. Ben Parker does a newspaper article on his rescue of Amanda ordeals; Morrow realizes that the creature was an exact representation of the creature that Ta-Lon, Kyle's Atlantean incarnation, had succumbed to in his last regression session."  Kyle must be very careful how he handles the situation or he will be defeated.  It will be a battle of good verses evil. 

Barry H. Smith has written a captivating book of supernatural terror.  It is filled with cults, magic, demons and heavenly visitors.  It is very well written and will most definitely hold the attention of those who thrive on this genre. 

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