By Sandra Brown
Narrator: Gary Cole
Bantam Doubleday Dell – 1998
ISBN: 0553478265 - Audio - 4 cassettes

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Co
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I have to give Gary Cole credit for bring this tale alive. He did it very well! 

Whew, I don’t know if listening to this title was wise, especially at bedtime. I was expecting a suspenseful romance, but what I heard was a violent, intense-filled tale of cruelty, revenge and murder with two evil prison escapees named Carl and Myron. I cringed each time the narrator, Mr. Cole, read their parts. Carl is seeking revenge on a family and on his way he leaves a trail of terror, sorrow and murder. A father, a (deaf) daughter-in-law and her son know they may be in danger; their choice is to face it head on, but not without some losses along the way. A drifter finds himself drawn to the family ranch and the deaf daughter-in-law. A retired Sheriff, Ezzy, who wife just left him due to his obsession of a twenty-year old murder, decides to help out. Both Ezzy and the reader will find the old murder following them throughout the present day story. 

An Un-abridged version of this story is available. I found the abridge version left out some of the points explaining the deaf character’s deafness.

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