By Alex Matthews 
Intrigue Press - April 1999 
ISBN: 189076812X

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Wanton's Web is the fourth title in a series of four involving amateur sleuth Cassidy McCabe. I decided once I started reading, that not having read the first 3 titles was not a hindrance to the story in any way. I found myself being drawn in and when something came up from the past stories, it was explained clearly. After reading WANTON'S WEB, I thought, the past mysteries and Cassidy's growing relationship with Zach would be well worth the effort to hunt out the other titles SECRET'S SHADOW, SATAN'S SILENCE AND VENDETTA'S VICTIM.


Just as Cassidy McCabe and Zach Moran become engaged something else comes along to test their relationship, a teenager named Bryce.  And with him, memories of an old relationship between Zach and a woman named Xandra. A relationship that produced Bryce, a son Zach wasn't aware of until now. As you are drawn into Wanton's Web the story becomes more intriguing when Zach finds his ex-girlfriend dead and his new found son in danger. The police and Bryce are certain Zach is the murderer. There are moments when Cassidy wonders herself. Does she really know the man she is about to marry? Her love being stronger than her doubts, Cassidy is willing to go sleuthing with him and help prove him innocent. Many clues come with many suspects weaving a mysterious pattern for the reader.


In reading this story I witnessed characters exploring their relationships and growing during a gripping tale. Alex Matthews was able to blend it all together to make an intriguing story worth the most dedicated mystery buffs time.


I can understand why Alex Matthews won the 1999 Readers Choice Award for BEST CHARACTER IN A SERIES. I became comfortable with the characters right away. Cassidy and Zach seemed very real. Her cat, although not her sleuthing partner, to me seems to help ground the characters with actions all pet owners can identify with.


Any future Cassidy McCabe Mysteries will be on my list of reads.

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