A Sam Casey Mystery

By S.D. Tooley
Full Moon Publishing - 1999
ISBN: 0966602102 - HC

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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It started with a wreck in Chasen Heights, a mainly blue collar town on the Southern border of Lake Michigan just fifteen miles north of Chicago. A corvette cuts off a semi on the expressway and causes the semi to hit the center medium and jack knive, exposing enough concrete all the way up to the cement pillar where it connected to the overpass. Enough concrete had broken away to expose mummified remains, perfectly preserved. 

Jake Mitchell and his partner Frank Travis get the case, along with their new partner Detective Sergeant Sam Casey who is not the usual police officer. She has inherited a gift from her mother and grandmother. Sam's mom Abby is a Sioux medicine woman, and they both have the ability to speak to the dead. Sam knows facts that no one else knows. 

The body that was encased in cement was that of a solider from the Korean War who was reported AWOL and in his hand was a lighting bolt pin, which when Sam touched, she saw dozens of lighting bolt shapes. She also saw body parts lying in a field. Sam felt a cold wave go up her body and the hair raise than the vision ended.  Sam remembers that she saw another lighting bolt pin in a safe of State Representative Preston Hillard when she was under cover at his home. Hillard claims to know nothing about the pin and never knew the dead man.  Sam finds out that her dad had one in his jewelry box.  What do the solider and her father have to do with each other?   Sam must uncover the facts even though her own boss Murphy has closed the case for good.

 WHEN THE DEAD SPEAK is a fast-paced, topsy-turvy ride that mixed with humor and a little loving along the way will keep you enthralled all the way through the book.  I really liked the fact that mixed into the pot is some Native American Culture, which made the book even more tantalizing. I can hardly wait for the next Sam Casey mystery to come out. Expect great things from this author.

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