By Christina Skye

Dell  - Jan 2000
ISBN: 0440235715  -  Paperback
Romance / Contemporary

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Ms. Skye has the wonderful ability to entertain her audience with her writing. Whether it's historical, paranormal, or contemporary, her imagination and talent continuously creates winners, and 2000 Kisses is no exception.

Tess O'Mara is on a working cruise when a stranger makes a prediction about her, which puts an unattached Tess in hopes of her future and the chance at a life long love. With the cruise and New Years day behind her, Tess finds her promised bonus is a little more. Did I say little? It's a lot more than she expected. Once she starts spending, her worried brother, who thinks it's something more, steps in and sends her to a friend for safe keeping.

Sheriff McCall sounds like every woman's dream, but the dreams, or visions, Tess has are very unusual and mysterious... possibly dangerous. I enjoyed Ms. Skye's creation of Almost, Arizona and the characters that reside there. It gave the story an inviting, comfortable feel. This one is definitely a good read.

Ms. Skye has a long list of successful titles to her name and with reason. I found 2000 Kisses to be imaginative, delightful, and inspiring!

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