By Judie Aitken
Jove Time Passages
Jove - Jan. 2000
ISBN: 0515127442
Romance / Paranormal / Time Travel

Reviewed by: Tracy Farnsworth, MyShelf.Com
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While time travels have never been my forte, Judie Aitken's debut opened my eyes to this genre!

Ryan Burke is excited to join a team of anthropologists in a dig at Little Big Horn, Montana in 1999.  She begins to question the assignment when artifacts appear to go missing, and American Indian affairs attorney, Dillon Wolf, threatens to shut the project down.  After a storm rips apart her tent, she is invited to stay in an ancient tipi by Dillon's grandfather.  In this tipi, Ryan is sent back through time in order to set a trap to catch the thief.

Waking up in 1876, Ryan realizes she is living every anthropologist's dream. Only days until the Battle of Little Big Horn, she will be able to view a major piece of history.  But the arrival of a mysterious white woman in this Lakota Village could change the course of history and the heart of one man- a fierce Lakota warrior known as wolf.

Rich in historical detail, you get wrapped up in a true love that warms the heart.

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