By Maggie Shayne

Intimate Moments, No.1000
Silhouette  - May 2000
ISBN: 0373270704  - Paperback
Romance / Series

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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A Kindergarten teacher with a degree in wholesome has decided to take a trip to the bayou for a vacation. Texas innocent Sara Brand finds that once she's there, the fear of a tragic past isn't so easily forgotten. When she meets bad boy Jake, Sara finds herself attracted to him, but the feeling isn't mutual. Jake has his own problems and past to deal with; he wishes she would run back home to Texas. When Sara witnesses a murder, memories of her past flood back and put her in a fearful, paralyzing state. Jake steps in to help her. As they try to find the murderer, a voudon priestess tells Sara that Jake is her shield, and she is the only one who can save his soul. 

Maggie Shayne is a prolific writer. She has probably tapped into every romance subject there is. Her romantic atmosphere has always been sizzling and her characters remarkable and convincing. "Angel Meets the Badman" is no different. In this one, be prepared to taken on an emotional journey to a humid, perspiring location full of feelings, threats, fear, and budding passion. I promise you, you will be exhausted when it's over. 

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