By Iris Gower
Chivers North American  -  Jan 2000
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Rachel Hyde, MyShelf.Com 
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When she was sixteen Catherine de Valois was married to Henry V but he soon dies and she falls in love with another man – Welsh gentleman-at-arms Owen Tudor.  It seems as if her life consists of being ordered around by one man after another.  The Duke of Bedford is keen for her to marry a foreign prince and the late King’s brother the Duke of Gloucester wants her for his own but this time Catherine is going to have what she wants – Owen.  The rest if history and if you like Jean Plaidy then you will enjoy this slice of “faction” which was first  published in 1974.  Gower brings the period to life and this is certainly an entertaining way of learning about this fascinating time in Britain’s history. 

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