By Metsy Hingle

The Baby Bank / Desire, No.1295
Silhouette  – May 2000
ISBN: 037376295X – Paperback
Romance / Series

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Regan St. Claire has never explained why she had her marriage annulled twelve years ago. She is still sensitive to the painful memories of a failed marriage and a miscarriage that haunt her. Now she has new hope as her Aunt, also a doctor, tells her she is pregnant. Now the only thing on her mind is staying emotionally and physically well and make plans for her baby, but a very tall, very handsome problem shows up at her jewelry business to put a kink in that.  After years of separation, Regan refuse to see Cole. When he forces his way in, Regan gives him her best shot… right on his shoes.  You’d think this would teach the man not to bother a moody, pregnant woman, but noooo, because he has an agenda.  The way she looks, even the smell of her perfume reminds Cole of a time years ago when he once loved her and came to hate her even more. Twelve years is a long time, long enough for Cole Thornton to become a rich, unforgiving man. Coming back into her life may not have been the right thing to do, but he can’t back out now, not after its all been confirmed, and he is here to lay claim to what is rightfully, legally his.

When starting The Baby Bonus, I pretty much knew there was more to the picture than a newly pregnant mother, a scheming aunt, and a couple of kids who annulled a youthful marriage. The subtle hints are dropped in just the right places to take the reader on a ride of varied emotions, and reactions to expose the true story — like a mini mystery.  The characters are wonderful; Regan is the outward runner, always finding places to hide when it gets to be too much. Cole’s reaction is to find her and make her deal with it. He may be wise in what Regan’s needs are, but he’s blind to his own answers. Cole is an inside runner, fleeing from the true emotions that try to surface because of the rejection he experienced twelve years ago. Regan’s reaction to this is to try and prove her emotions and hope he will find security he seeks.  Their responses to each other and the part Aunt Liz plays in the storyline proves those on the outside looking in do get a better picture, and maybe we shouldn’t take all advice with a grain of salt. 

The Baby Bonus is a passionate story about people, rejection, trust and coming to grips with the past.

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