By Carolyn Davidson

Harlequin Historical, No.496
Harlequin   - Feb. 2000
ISBN 0373290969
Romance / Series

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What do you get when you take one preacher’s daughter, a perennial bachelor, two adorable children and a newly passed law taxing bachelors? A wonderful new historical romance from Carolyn Davidson!

The year is almost up on the local bachelor tax, which states that a man must propose to an eligible woman in order to avoid paying the heavy fees. Gabe Tanner’s plan is to propose to Rosemary Gibson, the preacher’s daughter. Gabe didn’t count on the fact that Rosemary’s father has died, the new preacher’s family has moved in and she’s looking for a job. She counters his proposal with an offer to be the cook for his ranch, nothing more. 

Relieved for escaping the matrimonial knot, Gabe agrees. However, living with Rosemary in the same house is more than he thought it would be. Could it be that this staunch bachelor is thinking of saying “I do”? Gabe finally gets his way when Rosemary asks him to shelter two neglected children from their abusive father – he promises to protect them if Rosemary will marry him.

The characters were real, the situation believable and the children, Scat and Anna, were enough to melt your heart. The slowly blossoming romance between Gabe and his Rosie will touch you with both its innocence and sensuality. Gabe’s issues of abandonment sometimes interfered in their relationship, yet Rosie helped him to overcome his fears. Overall, a wonderful read! Run to the stores for this one! 

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