With Constance Hall, Cheryl Holt, Jackie Stephens
Zebra – Feb. 2000
ISBN: 0821764659 - Paperback

Romance / Historical / Anthology

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com 
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Reading about love in an historical setting can be romantic in it's own right, but when you add a little cupid romance it becomes magical. The authors in BE MY VALENTINE present the readers with history, romance, passion and the blessings of love. I enjoyed the talents of all three authors even though I did feel the intimacy of the characters were too sudden and detailed for such inexperienced, young ladies in the times the authors are writing in. 

Cupid's Arrow by Constance Hall (Cornwall, England - 1802) 
I found the opening in Cupid's Arrow cute, a great entrance into a sweet short story. Fitz and Brooke have an interest in each other, but commitments and consequences with those in their families is most likely to keep them apart...until two little cupids step in, that is. 

Meg's Secret Admirer by Cheryl Holt (London, England - Popular Society) 
This has a heroine who will pull at your heartstrings and a hero who will most likely at some point aggravate you, and then win you over. In this one Meg creates her own secret admirer, but faces some unusual circumstances when she is found out. The gift giving and parties create a Valentine atmosphere. 

One Special Night by Jackie Stephens (Blue Plains, TX - 1849) 
I appreciate it when an author successfully creates that early Texas atmosphere, and Ms. Stephens is very good at it. Her characters were touching, and her town was realistic. Two kinds souls ache to reach out, but their past and present circumstances and others around them continue to stand in the way. Let's hope the Valentine dance is the answer to Doc and Cara's need to find an eternal love. 

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