CUPID: The Bewildering Bequest
By J.M. Jeffries

Imajinn Books - January 2000
ISBN: 1893896064 – Paperback

Reviewed by: Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Jackin Hamilton and Miriam Pace have done it again with their cupid book series.

Cupid and Venus are up to their love tricks again, only this time, they're up against the most powerful god--Jupiter. Jupiter is planning on seducing a mortal woman by the name of Merrill Prescott, a southern belle lawyer, only Venus and Cupid have other plans.

Construction worker, Jason Stravos, is having a hard time finding time to date, or even find the right kind of girl. When Merrill becomes co-guardian of a dog worth $75 million, she has to move in with the handsome construction worker and deal with many obstacles including some money hungry relatives who want the dog gone.

Will Venus and Cupid be able to stop Jupiter from destroying their chance to be together?

This book was just as adorable as the other one. The characters are very life-like and the humorous conversations kept me snickering throughout the book. The love scenes are a bit risque, but not as bad as most of the other romances I've heard about. 

This definitely worth the read.

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