By Jamie Denton

Temptation, No. 797 
Harlequin – Sept. 2000
ISBN: 0737258976 – Paperback
Romance / Series

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Back from RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is character Carly Cassidy. After leaving Dean standing at alter and a church full of family members, Carly’s car breaks down in Chicago. It’s late and the sound of a tavern attracts her. She decides to go in and call a wrecker. Once there, her life takes on a new turn. It’s out with old, in with the new. All the rules she was once ruled by, the same rules that almost had her making a drastic mistake, are replaced by her own rules, and it’s here that Carly learns what it’s really like to have control of her own life, and what it’s like to really experience love. 

Cooper Wilde runs The Wilde Side, a tavern. When a fairy princess dressed in a wedding dress walks into his bar, the sixth sense he gained as a Navy Seal tells him she’s trouble with a capital T.  One look into her unusual eyes and all those who meet her are captured by her innocence. Marty Davis, Coop’s father figure, warns Coop of what he already knows, but it’s too late for bikers Benny and Joe who have fallen hard and become her personal bodyguards. 

When Carly turns to Coop for help, she in turn tries to help him with his failing business by coming up with a wild idea. It’s interesting to say the least. Carly also learns what happened after she left the wedding when her sister Brenda shows up. When Carly realizes there is a part of Coop she can’t have, she’s off again.

I love the way Jamie Denton includes a familiar rule concerning how to be a lady at the top of each chapter, because as the story plays out the reader can see how Carly must make up her own rules in order to be happy. Will she end up happy or running from another failed relationship? Breaking The Rules is a bold, sizzling romance of a woman who, in a moment of sane panic, bravely steps out to find what life really has in story for her.

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