By Mary Jo Putney
Berkley  - May 2000
ISBN: - Paperback
Romanctic Suspense

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Mary Jo Putney has given her readers a contemporary romance with a touchy theme, and she confidently handles it with truth and tact. I have always enjoyed Ms. Putney's work. Whether it's a contemporary or historical romance, she has a way of drawing me in with the first page and giving me, as a reader, a substantial story with enough action and lively characters to keep the pages turning. 

In "The Burning Point" Kate finds herself back home after her father dies. Once there, she comes face to face with the man she once loved and married ten years ago. With the meeting come the memories of the secret. Later they learn that her father’s Will stipulates that Kate and her ex-husband Donovan will have to live under the same roof, their old home, if they want to get the demolition business and inheritance. Although physically together under the same roof, the secret of the past keeps them apart, but this doesn't stop them from working together to solve the mystery of how the man they both loved and admired was killed and by whom. 

Where there's passion, there's a burning point, and Mary Jo Putney's gift of writing leads her readers to it every time. Without a doubt her readers will gather to the brightness of this passionate fire. 

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