By Vickie Britton

New Concepts Publishing - Feb. 2000
ISBN 158 6080172 - 
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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Anna has been away at the University of Reno when she gets the call  that the man who raised her is dying so she returns to The Devils Gate ranch. Not long after she arrives Tavas dies leaving Anna the ranch and all of its problems. Mysterious cattle mutilations cause rumors of witchcraft. Then Ivan's wife is found dead at the bottom of the canyon, and it looks like the work of The Cult of Akkera. 

There are many characters involved, but I had no problem following along, the plot is excellent and keeps you guessing until the end; A very well written mystery. 

The author, Vickie Britton, often co-authors with her sister Loretta Jackson; On her own, Vickie likes to explore the darker side of romance, and she has written three romantic suspense stories as well as penning the occasional vampire tale. 

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