By Jayne Ann Krentz

Jove - June 2000
ISBN: 0515128015 - Paperback
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by: Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com 
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Jayne Ann Krentz has finally finished her long-awaited trilogy, and Jove Books is releasing the first in the series, Eclipse Bay, in June.  Set on the coast of Oregon, Eclipse Bay is a small tourist town with a college and a think tank.  The two leading families, the Hartes and the Madisons, hate each other.  At one time, Sullivan Harte and Mitchell Madison were business partners, until they had a falling out over a woman that took them both for everything they had.

That's how things remained, until one summer night, when Hannah Harte, granddaughter of Sullivan Harte, found herself stranded on the beach by an overly amorous date.  She met Rafe Madison, grandson of Mitchell Madison, who had quarreled with his date and found himself in the same predicament.  They talk, then Rafe Madison walks Hannah home.  They don't think anything more about it until the next day, when the body of Rafe's date, Kaitlin Sadler, is found on the beach.

Rafe, the town's bad boy, is immediately suspected in the death until Hannah clears him by confessing she was with Madison at the time of Kaitlin's demise.  The death is ruled an accident, though Dell Sadler, Kaitlin's brother, thinks otherwise.  But Madison, having been cleared by Hannah, leaves Eclipse Bay and seems to vanish.

Eight years later, Hannah is a successful wedding planner, but she sells her business and returns to Eclipse Bay with another business venture in mind, turning the estate left to her by her aunt, Isabel Harte, into an inn.  There is one complication.  Her aunt left half of Dreamscape to Rafe Madison.  Isabel Harte was an incurable romantic, who envisioned Rafe and Hannah as a Romeo and Juliet.  So they meet, each determined to buy the other out.  But when they talk, they find they both want to do the same thing with the estate, except Rafe, who has become an accomplished chef, wants to add a restaurant.  They also discover they don't hate each other.

But the gossip they stirred up about the past has made someone very nervous, nervous enough to make an attempt on Hannah's life.  If they are to keep themselves and Dreamscape safe, they have to solve the eight-year-old mystery of what really happened to Kaitlin Sadler the night they met on the beach.

Eclipse Bay is a book filled with mystery, politics and romance (some love scenes are explicit) that will keep you reading to the very end.  For fans of Jayne Ann Krentz, Eclipse Bay is a must read

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