By Janet Wellington

Time Passages
Jove  - March 2000
ISBN: 0515127825 – Paperback
Romance / Paranormal / Time Travel

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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It’s July 4th and Taylor Rose is visiting the Del Mar Fair--a fair that Taylor and her late father use to attend every year. Since her father’s death, Taylor has always felt his presence with her as she enjoyed the fair and reminisced about past fairs. This time it’s different. Taylor has a couple of unusual experiences that lead her to a Clairvoyant’s tent for a palm reading. The woman who predicts her future foretells of a trip that will lead her to adventure and more.  The thought of an adventure excites Taylor, but she takes the reading in stride and decides to take a vacation to get away from San Diego for a while.

I’m not going to give away how the time travel happens, but I will say I liked the wonderfully, eerie feel it had as Taylor stepped onto the streets of San Diego in 1888. With clues and his voice, her father guides her to the reason she has been brought 1888. The author has Taylor working for her keep in an unusual place while she is there, and she meets some interesting characters like Wyatt Earp, his young wife, and Jackson, their bartender. Taylor feels an emotional and physical attraction to Jackson, and experiencing the same feelings, Jackson finds himself confused.

Forever Rose is a passionate romance about a young woman, whose love for her parents allows her, and them, to reach beyond spiritual barriers to help others, as well as themselves. Warning: The passionate scenes between Jackson and Taylor are a little past the norm. At the back of the book, Ms. Wellington gives a brief history lesson that is connected to her western time travel. I found it interesting and enlightening and wished I had found it before I started reading the story. I think I would have enjoyed it even more knowing that most of what she wrote about actually existed at one time.

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