By Nora Roberts 

Jove - Dec. 2000
ISBN: 0515128554 - Paperback
Romance / Contemporary

Reviewed by: Amanda Killgore, MyShelf.Com
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The final Gallagher book in the trilogy does not disappoint. Heart of the Sea delivers the third element needed to break the three centuries' old curse binding the fairy prince Carrick and his lady Gwen and also nicely wraps up the lives of a family who has become beloved to readers of the first two books in the series. Though it could stand alone, the reader would miss a great deal of understanding who the people are that inhabit Ms. Roberts' cozy world in Ardmore, Ireland.

Trevor MacGee has come to Ireland to build a theater in the town that his grandfather left behind. It is a way to put ghosts to rest for him, though he never dreams he will actually meet a ghost, much less share a home with one, which he does when he moves into the fairy cottage that housed Jude in the first book and Shawn in the second, both who found their true love. He also finds himself being regularly lectured by a cranky fairy prince that he needs to hurry up and secure his true love.  However, Trevor does not believe that is possible for himself.

Darcy presents herself as a shallow, worldly girl, but Trevor, and the reader, find that she has a great deal more depth to her, and she goes out of her way to not be bought by Trevor's great wealth.

There is little conflict to this story; it is really a "feel good" homey tale. The only slight doubt that the lovers will overcome their mutual belief that they cannot love and refusal to fall in love because of "magic" comes near the end when there is a slight misunderstanding.

All in all, it is a heartwarming story that is perhaps not the best Nora Roberts book, but is still worth one's time.

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