By Shelley Bradley
Zebra Books  - August 2000
ISBN: 0821766651 - Paperback
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com 
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I really hate the phrase "I told you so", but in the case of author Shelley Bradley; I think it's appropriate. Some time ago while cruising the aisles of Wal-mart, I found an inexpensive historical romance called Sweet Enemy. I read it and noticed her gift for story telling right away.  When reviewing it, I mentioned that she would one day be as popular as two other famous historical romance authors we know, I was right. I say this because after reading His Lady Bride, I feel vindicated in my prediction. 

His Lady Bride is the first in a Zebra historical romance series by Shelley Bradley. It takes place in the historically popular time of King Richard, just after his two nephews mysteriously disappeared. Ms. Bradley mentions she has borrowed Alison Weir's interpretation of this account from the book The Princess in the Tower. What Ms. Bradley does with Ms. Weir's interpretation is the beginning of a splendid, breathtaking series called Brothers in Arms. 

Aric Neville, known as the White Lion, and nephew of the infamous Warwick, learns the truth about a tragedy. He carries this burden to a battle with two comrades he considers brothers, Drake and Kieran. Once the battle is over, Aric makes a life changing decision, this puts him in the path of Gwenyth, a former lady of the castle and now a servant for the uncle who took over her father's castle; the same uncle who, along with the villagers, believe Aric to be a sorcerer for a most unusual reason. Believing it the only way to relieve them selves of the drought, they force Gwenyth to marry Aric in the hopes that the sorcerer would be sedated and make it rain.  What follows is a passionate, page-turning romance that will heat up your night and take you far, far away. 

The historical ambience is wonderful. The characters are rich and striking. The romance is emotionally charged. Certainly a series to be followed! 

Ms. Bradley's other books are The Lady and the Dragon and Sweet Enemy, found only at Wal*Mart and her first title with Kensington/Zebra, One Wicked Night. Next in the Brothers in Arms series will be His Stolen Bride and His Rebel Bride. 

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