By Lynn Kurland
Berkley – Oct. 2000
ISBN: 0425176940 – Paperback

Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com 
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Ladies, if you are looking for a romance that will take you away, a romance with a hero that will test your patience, and a heroin who will touch your heart, then IF I HAD YOU is the one to read.  The story starts in the year 1215, in England, and then moves up five years to 1225 in the first chapter when the hero and heroin are grown. All the characters in this romance are interesting. I think my favorite is Grandmere, who shows up to give her grandson romancing lessons to win over his new bride.

Anne of Fenwyck enjoyed the years she spent with her foster family. After a year at home with her father, they are heading back to Artane and her foster family because of bad news. Rhys de Piagent’s keep was her safe haven. His daughters, Amanda and Isabelle, are the sisters she never had and his sons, Robin, Nicolas, Miles and the twin boy, protected and cared for her just as they did their blood sisters. It’s a close, affectionate family where the usual sibling disagreements arise, but the author handles them with humor so the storyline isn’t weighed down with sibling squabbles. 

The elder brothers Robin and Nicolas, are away in France when they receive the message of bad news. They head home unaware that danger awaits them and their family members once they arrive. When they do arrive, the future of one of them will be unwillingly decided. Everyone is quite sure whom Anne will marry, and she wouldn’t mind the match herself, except that he isn’t agreeable and there is nothing that can make him … until he’s caught buck naked and bare witted by his father, but even that isn’t enough to force him to give his heart and soul freely.

IF I HAD YOU is a passionate romance about a handicap girl.  The introductions of the characters are just right. The beginning of the storyline unfolds perfectly with the mystery and intrigue slowly unwinding, tempting the reader onward. It’s an enjoyable, funny romance.

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