By Julie Beard
Berkley  - June 2000
ISBN: 0425174816 - Paperback
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com 
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Caroline and Lucas may be the lead characters in this wonderful romance, but it’s Lord Barrett and his love interest Rachel who will haunt the readers once they turn the last page. I have read many ghostly romances, but this one had a way of haunting me without the constant presences of ghosts. As I read along, I tried to take in everything just as I would a mystery. I didn’t want to miss one clue about Lord Barrett or Rachel or what was going on in Caroline’s family home… well, I’m getting ahead of myself so let me explain. 

Lady Caroline needs to marry before a certain time or she loses her family home and wealth to her brother and his cold, greedy wife. Since it’s during the 1700’s in England, there is always a Dandy to spare looking for a chance to marry for money, but as the reader will find out, there is a reason Caroline can’t get a man to stay at her family home long enough to marry. She becomes desperate and reaches into the lowest place available to save her inheritance. 

The Prologue begins the tale, and reading through will introduce you to some rich, substantial characters, but you won’t know the truth until the last page. What a terrific read! 

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