By Janet Lane Walters

New Concepts Publishing - June 2000
ISBN: 158608139X  - eBook
Romance / Contemporary

Reviewed by: Pam Stone,, MyShelf.Com

Jenny Robertson is all for the nurses union, and she plans on keeping the nurses union alive and well, even though they have been working several months without a contract. Mr. Bishop and Sandra Wallace want something different: they want the nurses and their union out of Eastlake Community hospital for their own personal gain.

Greg Bradshaw is hired as the Director of Nursing; he is hired for the job because of his good looks and to keep Jenny and the other nurses from making trouble. Things do not go the way that Mr. Bishop and Sandra want; they sure did not count on the chemistry between Greg and Jenny.

Janet Lane Walters is very good at putting the reader in the characters shoes, and boy, do you feel the heat between them right from the beginning. Now they must figure out a way to stop Bishop and Sandra before it’s too late to save their jobs and the hospital.

This was a capricious book; I could not put it down until I had finished reading. Ms. Walters makes you feel warm and cozy with the romance scenes between Jenny and Greg, and in my eyes, that makes it a really feel-good romance that every one will enjoy.

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