By Kate Douglas 

Hard Shell Word Factory - 2000 
ISBN: 1582005907 - eBook
Romance / Contemporary  

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Nate Murdock, professor of ornithology at US Berkley, has a grant to find out what or who was violating the falcons' nesting site in the Trinity Alps. His photographer was out of service with a broken leg and he has hired Andrew Petersen, a famous photojournalist to work with him. From a picture in an old National Geographic magazine Murdock surmises him to be close to 60. He doesn't realize that he has hired Petersen's daughter, Andy. 

Andy, the illegitimate daughter of Petersen and a young Yucatan girl, is in competition with her father, but is superior to him. Andy was selected because her photograph of a falcon is Murdoch's favorite. He doesn't know Andy's father claimed the photograph as his. Andy pictures Murdock to be old and bald. The meeting of Murdock and Andy is a shock to both since they had preconceived ideas of each other. Desperately needing a photographer Nate agrees to give Andy a trial. They discover poachers stealing falcon eggs and are trapped in an abandoned mine. They must find a way out and prevent the eggs from being shipped overseas. 

The author maintains a fine balance between romance and adventure. There is the growing passionate attraction between Andy and Nate, fought against by both. There is their attempt to apprehend the poachers. Their struggle to escape from the mine is torturous and graphic. Descriptions of the scenery and the flights of the falcons are excellent. The characters are realistic and well drawn. Andy's feelings toward her father and her ambivalent feelings toward Nate are handled with sensitivity. On Wings of Love is a fast moving and enjoyable story. 

Note: There are sexual explicit scenes. 

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