By Stephanie Bond

St. Martins, 2000 
ISBN: 0312975661 - Paperback
Romance / Contemporary  /

Reviewed by: Amanda Killgore, MyShelf.Com

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Natalie is on top of the world. She is a young doctor with a wonderful husband who buys her diamonds. Her world begins to crumble when a pawnshop owner, Brian, shows up to claim all of her jewelry to pay her husband's gambling debts. Then, she gets a call to the hospital because he has been in a wreck. Once there, she meets his other two current, not ex, wives. There is Ruby, the newest one, a very young, pregnant exotic dancer. Then, there is Bea, who she thought he was divorced from, but in truth, has been married for 21 years. Before they can deal with each other, the husband, Ray, dies, and it is soon discovered to be murder. Suspicion is divided amongst the wives, not only because of the obvious bigamy, but he had cleaned them all out financially and had life insurance policies that would benefit each of them greatly.  The women reluctantly unite to find out the truth. In the process, they discover there may be a fourth wife, and Brian becomes a romantic interest for Natalie. They also become friends. 

This is one of the best books I have read in months. Most humorous novels tend to be silly, but Ms. Bond avoids that nicely, and still manages to keep suspense in the mix. It is a realistic book. I have known people like most of the characters, including Ray and I highly recommend it with a five star rating.

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