By Elizabeth Grayson
Bantam Books - August 1, 2000
ISBN: 0553580132 - Paperback
Romance / Historical

Reviewed by: Tracy Farnsworth, MyShelf.Com 
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Elizabeth Grayson has been writing for years.  With nine books (including those written under her other name, Elizabeth Kary) under her belt, I would have expected I had heard of her before now.  She creates a strong heroine for whom you find yourself cheering. 

Painted is the story of Shea Waterston, a traveling photographer who was forced to place her toddler son on an orphan train ten years ago.  She follows the path that the orphan trains took, moving from town to town in the hopes that someday she will find the child she loved.  When she stumbles upon the change to photograph a hanging, she knows it could make her career, only the town judge does not think a woman should watch such brutality.  Not one to take no for an answer, the judge places her in a jail cell to ensure she misses the brutal event.

Judge Cameron Gaillmore is a stubborn man with no time or love for women.  When Shea saves his life, he has no choice but to start trusting her.  And pretty soon, he can't fight his growing attraction.  But they both have secrets; will those secrets pull them together or rip them apart?

A beautifully written story with excellent historical details; real-life characters; a superb story line and most of all, genuine emotion!

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