By Janet Lane Walters

Diskus Publishing  -- September 2000
ISBN: 1-58495-215-6  -- eBook
Romance / Contemporary

Reviewed by: Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com
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Ginny Barr is a nurse that loves a challenge.  She had conquered many.  When she'd found herself pregnant, her boyfriend took off, leaving her to raise her daughter, Honor, alone.  Determined to break the slum failure cycle, Ginny finished high school and went to the University.  She was just nineteen when her younger brother, Joey, brought her his baby daughter, Manda, to care for.  He said the mother had died in childbirth, and the grandparents didn't want the child.  It seems that Joey was black, but the child's mother was white.  Or so Joey said.  Ginny had learned long ago to take everything Joey said with a grain or two of salt.  He had lied to her more than once.

He lied to her again when he said he would return to get Manda in two weeks.  Manda was now two years old, and there was still no word from Joey.  Ginny had graduated magna cum laude from the University, and is now a registered nurse.  She has left the tenements of the city and has moved to Hudson View.  Now, she holds the prestigious position of Patient Care Coordinator of the Orthopedic Unit at Hudson View Hospital.  She owns and lives in a duplex with her friend from the city, Annette.  Annette is a nurse's aide at the hospital, and she and her mother are grateful to escape the city with Ginny.  Her mother, Miss Nellie, keeps Ginny's children while Ginny works.

Hudson View Hospital is facing a lawsuit because a nurse, not trained in orthopedic care, failed to report a problem that was quite dangerous and created severe problems for a patient.  Ginny had planned a series of classes for the nurses, teaching the special needs of orthopedic patients.  Chief surgeon, Dr. Charles Marshall, has supported her, despite the objection of one surgeon, the one being sued, and the assistant Director of Nurses.  These two, plus a nurse who is pursuing the doctor are taking advantage of the fact that the Director of Nurses and Dr. Marshall are both out on sick leave, and are creating havoc for Ginny.  The D. O. N. is out for surgery, and Dr. Marshall has suffered a heart attack.  So Dr. Marshall has sent for his adopted son to fill in for him, as his son wants to leave the position he now holds.

The arrival of Blake Marshall brings Ginny a profound shock for two reasons.  First, she has met Blake before.  Though he cannot remember where they have met, Ginny can.  He had dallied when she called him for a patient in the City Hospital, and had put down her concerns.  However, she had been proven right.  He had never apologized for his arrogant behavior, and Ginny had never liked him.  Second, though Dr. Marhall is white, Blake is black.  He is tall, well built, handsome, and still arrogant.  In spite of herself, Ginny feels a growing physical attraction to the young Dr. Marshall.  He feels an attraction to her, too.  Though he wants her in his bed, he has no desire for marriage, and Ginny wants more.

Prescription for Love is well written and an easy and entertaining read.  There are explicit sex scenes, so if those offend you, this book is not for you.  But that aside, the hospital intrigue adds flavor to a story of a young woman's search for love.

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