By Jamie Denton

Temptation, No.793
Harlequin – August 2000
ISBN: 0373258933 – Paperback
Romance / Series

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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Attorney Jill Cassidy can’t take her eyes off the man in the hallway having a loud discussion with her boss. Just watching him, Jill cannot deny the unusual attraction she is experiencing. Morgan is trying to convince Nick to take on a smaller case involving one of his contract workers, but to no avail. Jill seeing her opportunity jumps -- gutsy lady. She offers to take on the case pro bono. Morgan is relieved, but suspicious. He should be. Jill needs a single man for her plans, and why not pick one who is as desperate as she. What does she need him for? -- A quick engagement of the romantic kind.  Before these two agree to anything, their emotions are already wreaking physical havoc with ricocheting hearts and electric tingles. When a desperate Morgan agrees to the plan, off they go to her hometown to meet her parents and attended her sister Carly’s wedding, but if you think this is all there is to the story… you’re wrong. There is plenty. Morgan has more to take care of than his business. Jill reveals why she is so desperate to take a fiancé home, and then there’s the family, the wedding and Carly, who stars in Jamie Denton’s next Temptation.  It’s good, really good.

Jamie Denton has a gift for bringing her characters and storyline to life. The dialogue came across smooth and clear, making the read quick and easy.  I found the characters strong and interesting; their emotions and thoughts were clear. I loved how she described Morgan and Jill’s emotional feelings for each other when they first meet. Fair warning; with strong emotional characters comes intense love scenes and in this case they are very spicy.

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