With Lori Foster, Kimberly Randell, Suzanne Foster, Maggie Shayne
Jove – Jan. 2000
ISBN:  0515127256 – Paperback
Romance / Contemporary / Anthology

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Just in time for Valentines and back from HOT CHOCOLATE, four impressive authors lead romance readers into a world of laciness and lust. The romantic aspects of this anthology are intrigue, romance and lace. Each author has a lively, exciting couple ready to fall in love or in bed, whichever the case maybe. I can safely say in gauging the sexuality in SINFUL, it reaches a fever pitch -- in fact the gauge disintegrated. 

Although I enjoyed the relationships each author gave to their romantic characters, I found the love scenes were the strongest ever; some were so detailed that I found myself skipping pages, because they were just too much for me.  So, if you like your romances unambiguous, racy and direct you will like SINFUL because these ladies know how to write it. 

Unbuttoning Emmalina by Suzanne Forster (Back from Hot Chocolate)
Jeff Winston is a good friend of Max and Abigail (Forster's characters from HOT CHOCOLATE). Max lost the trophy to Jeff when he gave up bachelorhood to marry Abigail. Jeff wonders if he can hold on to it when he meets Emmalina.  Emmalina is Victorian in every way, her thoughts, attitude, clothes and life style. 

Tangled Images by Lori Foster (Back from Hot Chocolate)
If you've been keeping up with Lori Foster's short stories, then you are aware of the 4 brothers who run a bar. Cole and Chase have been tangled, so that leaves Mack and Zane. Mack has a feeling Allison and Sophie are out to get him tangled this time when they ask him to model men's underwear in a catalogue for their shop. 

Sincerella by Kimberly Randell
Frankie has been crazy about Connor for a long time. Since he doesn't notice her in her everyday clothes, she decides to attend a costume party incognito and seduce him, but like Cinderella, when it comes time to leave, Frankie leaves something behind and she has to get it back without giving herself away. 

Leather and Lace by Maggie Shayne
Martha Jane has always had a crush on her boss, Mr. Gable, but he never noticed her because his taste in women was more in the range of blonde bimbos, like the one he just replaced her with. When her friend makes her an offer she can't refuse, Martha finds herself at Mr. Gable's feet and in his arms. 

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