By Linda Hope Lee

Mountain View Publishing  -  September, 2000
ISBN 1-928602-50-9  - eBook
Romance / Contemporary  /
"Sweet" Romance

Reviewed by: Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com
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Rachael Taylor was having the time of her life at the Seattle art show.  Blake Halliday, her current boyfriend, had suggested she go to expand the works she now carried at her gallery, Hudson House in Seaview, beyond its present scope of local artists from Washington's peninsula.  She found a lot of new artists to show in the gallery.

Then, she ran into Tony Romano.  She and Tony had been lovers five years ago, but had broken up because her parents disapproved of  him, and had pressured her to find someone else.  He'd left Seaview, and she hadn't seen or heard from him since.

Not that she cared for  Tony now, that was all over between them.  He'd never held a steady job, even with his painting.  She was surprised when he told her he was working on his art again and asked her to show some of his work at Hudson House.  Despite her misgivings about being in contact with him, Rachael said yes.  Since he lived in Seattle, she would never see him.  Then, she found out he was moving to Seaview for two months to housesit for his brother and sister-in-law while they vacationed in Australia.  How was she going to keep him and Blake apart?

The two men were direct opposites.  Blake Halliday was an attorney working for the law firm of Trenton and Trenton.  Blake's sandy brown hair, blue eyes, tailored suits, conservative ties and expensive shoes stood in stark contrast to Tony's dark hair and eyes, plaid shirts, jeans and work boots.  Blake was ambitious, determined to be chosen a partner in the firm and to have a successful political career.  Tony seemed content to paint and wait on success to find him.

When Rachael's gallery was broken into, Blake blamed Tony, but Rachael knew Tony would do nothing of the sort.  And when Blake presented her with the expected engagement ring, Rachael found she couldn't bring herself to put it on.  After seeing Tony again, she wasn't sure Blake wanted to marry her because he loved her.  All his other relationships seemed to be just tools to push Blake Halliday up the ladder of success.

Treasures of the Heart will keep you reading as Rachael discovers the difference between being loved and being used.

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