By Barbara Taylor Bradford

Bantam - March 14, 2000
Narrotor by Jan Maxwell
ISBN: 0553526030 - Audio - 3 Cassettes
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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Valentine Denningan is an American photojournalist. She has been sent to Kosovo with two colleagues, Tony Hampton (British lover) and Jake Newburg (American friend). Once there tragedy occurs and Tony Hampton is killed. At the funeral Val finds that Tony’s life is not what she had been told, by him, that it was. It opens a Pandora’s box of lies, deceit, secrets and pain.  And if this isn’t enough, she has to deal with phone calls from an obnoxious brother who is begging her to come home to America and visit the ailing mother who never loved her. He reasons for bothering her are purely selfish; his only worry is the will.

It’s more than a love story; it’s about relationships of all kinds: lovers, family, friends, associates, etc. The author leaves no stone un-turned with her characters and their directions in the story are limitless, it’s astounding. For me just when I thought I had the jest of the tale, and said, “Oh, I know, this is going to happen….” Surprise! The author throws an unexpected curve. I love it when that happens!  I chose to listen to the audio version of Where You Belong, and was pleased by the reader. She did a good job.

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