Across A Moonswept Moor by Julie Moffett
A Double Edged Blade Sequel
Love Spell - August 2001
ISBN: 0505524481 - Paperback
Time Travel Romance

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Julie Moffett brings readers the sequel to A Double-Edged Blade. Across a Moonswept Moor is an imaginative tale of love, sacrifice, and commitment.

Northern Ireland, 1997: Fiona Chancellor arrives in Ireland looking for her cousin who has been missing for a year. When she arrives at the quaint antique shop, the last on her list, she shows the charming elf-like owner, Seamus, the double-edged blade belonging to her missing cousin. It has a new inscription that only she and her cousin would understand, and it wasn't there a year ago when she first saw the dagger. She's hoping it holds the key to where her cousin is. Seamus tells Fiona of an Irish legend, and how the dagger is said to be enchanted - magical. Late in the night, Fiona heads out to the one place that may hold the clues to help her find her missing cousin.

Ireland 1649: Scotsman Ian McClaren rides in the dark through Ireland to the castle of friend and Irish rebel leader, Miles O'Bruaidar. O'Bruaidar has been captured by Englishman, Oliver Cromwell, and is expected to be executed. Mile's wife, Faith, needs Ian's help to save her husband. Little does Ian know it will take a British woman with determination to teach him the lesson in compassion and determination when rescuing his friend.

Ms. Moffett's distinctive writing style makes her sequel, Across A Moonswept Moor, a pleasure to read. The characters are delightfully drawn and the dialogue clear. Her natural talents and creative imagination successfully bring this story to life. It's a romantic adventure all romance readers should experience, even if only to see how a dagger, a magical stone ring, and dragon's teeth can lead one to love.

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