ALIAS MOMMY by Linda O. Johnston
Intrigue No.592
Harlequin - 2000
ISBN: 037322592X - Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Jen Oliver,
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This was a great book, filled with romance and just enough mystery to make it intriguing. This book is about a pregnant woman named Polly who ran away from her deceased husband's family to make a new beginning for herself and her daughter. While in the hospital recovering from a car accident, a kind doctor named Reeve delivered her baby and helped Polly get back on her feet. Reeve stood by Polly's side throughout the book even without knowing what Polly was running from.

This book was mostly realistic. The only thing that was not realistic was how quickly Reeve and Polly feel in love but then again there is always love at first sight! Reeve was characterized as a man that always stands by his woman's side and is willing to fight for her. Throughout the story, you could tell how Polly was feeling about wondering where her in-laws were and what they were plotting to do to her.

Overall this book was very good. It was very realistic in plot, setting (Colorado), and in the romance between Reeve and Polly. If you enjoy a good romance book but without all the sex and enjoy some suspense and mystery, this is the book for you.

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