ALMOST A LADY by Heidi Betts
Leisure - January 2001
ISBN: 0843948175 - Paperback
Historical Romance - 

Reviewed by Erina Hsu,
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Pinkerton agent Willow Hastings is making an arrest when Brandt Donovan interferes, costing her the arrest and placing her job in jeopardy. When they next meet, it is as partners. A Pinkerton agent has been killed on the Union Pacific and his death may tie in with a string of prostitute murders taking place in New York City. Willow is sent in to investigate by the Pinkertons, on the condition that she pairs up with Brandt, a Union
Pacific Officer. As they reluctantly begin their investigation, Willow and Brandt find themselves facing a deranged serial killer who preys upon women as well as their own undeniable attraction for each other.

Willow epitomizes the strong, independent romance heroine; Heidi Betts has created a heroine that modern female readers can identify with, admire, and cheer for. Willow literally kicks butt Ė whether it be with a pistol, a deadly blade, or cunning wit and intelligence. Brandt is the quintessential strong, rugged hero with just enough sensitivity to make enough the coldest of hearts melt. Together, Willow and Brandt sizzle and the pages veritably steam with luscious sexual tension. Betts has the talent of beautifully crafting characters into complex entities with her use of strong characterization. This is a story that will enthrall even the most jaded of readers, for when Willow and Brandt get caught up in a whirlwind of intrigue, passion, and love, you canít help but tag along for the ride.

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