A MAN ALONE by Lindsay McKenna
Special Edition, No.1357
Silhouette Nov. 2000
ISBN: 037324357X  - Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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Captain Thane Hamilton is sent with five men to Bolivia to rescue the fourteen-year-old daughter of a US Senator.  Tragically, he is wounded when he tries to stop a rocket launcher from aiming its deadly missile at an approaching Apache helicopter.  When he awakes, he is shocked to learn he was the only member that survived.  Grieving for his lost comrades, he also finds he is fighting to save his leg from a likely amputation. 
His only chance of saving his leg is to be transferred to his hometown Sedona, AZ where he will have to face the unfinished business he left behind when he joined the Marine Corp.  Will he have the courage to return, face and conquer them?

When Paige Black learns her newest patient is Thane Hamilton, she is thrilled of the opportunity to help Thane get back on his feet. Secretly she has always had a crush on Thane ever since they first met in high school. What she doesn't anticipate is the conflict that surrounds Thane and his mother.  She hopes not only to help Thane physically but also to help him mentally put the past behind him.  Her greatest fear is once Thane is recovered he will return to his military career and leave the past and her far behind.

A MAN ALONE started with a fast-moving action packed novel I have grown to expect from Lindsay McKenna.  Unfortunately, once the hero was wounded, the story started to slow down considerably.  The heroine was portrayed as a wonderful strong woman determined to help heal the man she loved.  Although this book was somewhat of a disappointment, it will not detour me on my quest to seek out and read other Mercenaries Series books.

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