A MAN WITH A MISSION by Lindsey McKenna
Special Edition, No.
Silhouette -  2000
ISBN: 0373243766 - Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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Lindsey McKenna's A MAN WITH A MISSION is one fast and exciting novel. It provides the reader with a rich description of the mysterious land of Peru.

Captain Jake Travers has learned his sister has been captured by notorious drug dealers who are holding her hostage in the dark jungles of Peru. He seeks the aid of a special operations force and is shocked to discover he will be required to work with a female Apache helicopter pilot, Lieutenant Ana Cortina. He is unprepared in his first meeting with Ana, not only is she highly trained, she is also beautiful.

Lieutenant Ana Cortina, born and raised in Peru, joined the army to help rid her country of the drug activities which plagued her country. She is determined to help return it to the once safe environment she remembers as a child. Accepting a special operations mission to work with Captain Jake Travers, she finds herself forced to prove her skills. Unexpectedly she also finds herself wanting to give her heart to Jake. She realizes that pursuing  this love is fruitless because once Jake finds his sister he will return to North America, or will he?

Ana and Jake are both portrayed as strong characters. Being on an equal level it is hard for either of them to admit their true feelings. Both share a common tragic experience of losing the loves of their life. Their loss and common careers enhance the building foundation of their relationship. This is the first Heart of Mercenaries series I have read. I was very impressed and look forward to reviewing the other stories in the series.

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