AMBER by Lauren Royal
Signet – July 2001
ISBN: 0451203917 - Paperback
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Lauren Royal’s AMBER is a precious jewel. It captures the true essence of Scotland with a tale of strength and endurance that thrives primarily through the human spirit.

Twenty-three year old Kendra Chases’ brother has given her an ultimatum – to find a husband or they will find one for her. Rejecting all the eligible titled Lords, she is awe struck when a handsome Highwayman robs her carriage. Determined to learn more about the enigmatic stranger, she follows him to his secluded hideaway. When her two brothers accidentally catch her in an innocent but a questionable situation, they demand she wed this mysterious man immediately. In the Highwayman she sees the one man capable of stealing her  heart.

Patrick ‘Trick’ Caldwell, Duke of Amberley, secretly poses as a Highwayman, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. This gallant Robin Hood holds many secrets he refuses to reveal. Upon meeting Kendra Chase, he finds himself readily attracted to her beauty. It will take many "tricks" to convince this spirited lass he is the man for her.

Amber is a powerfully crafted story filled with the history of the times. The characters present a passionate romance with enough adventure to keep the reader turning the pages.

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