Harlequin Romance, No. 3647
Harlequin - April 2001 
ISBN: 0373036477 - Paperback 
Category Romance

Reviewed by Mary Lynn,
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Louisa Howarth, a doctor's receptionist's decides shortly after meeting Thomas Gifford that she has to save the handsome doctor from the mistake of his life: marrying the beautiful, but totally unsuitable Helena.  In the process of extricating herself from her own less than satisfactory suitor, Percy, Louisa realizes that he and Helena would be perfect for each other. 

She sets out to throw the two together.  Just as her plan for Helena and Percy appear to be working, Louisa's left to wonder if Thomas wants to be rescued from Helena.  Horrified that she may have ruined the live of the man she's fallen in love with, Louisa then desperately tries to keep Percy and Helena apart.  But will she be in time?  And if not can Thomas forgive her? 

An Ideal Wife is Classic Betty Neels.  The hero, of course, is big and handsome and the heroine is likable and deserving of the hero.  Like her numerous efforts before, this romance left me smiling.  Betty Neels' romances continue to charm, delight, and renew my faith in love.  As I have for many years, I will continue to eagerly await Ms. Neels' next novel. 

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