A ROGUE FOR CHRISTMAS by Kate Huntington
Zebra Regency Romance - October 2001
ISBN: 0821770969 - Paperback
Historical Romance - 1819, England

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde, MyShelf.com
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Lionel St James is a gambler with a bad reputation whose own father has disinherited him. At least, that is how he appears to polite society but to the Whittakers he is an angel. Mary Ann has never forgotten how he fought off an attacker when she was taking her ring to the pawnshop to feed her family for Christmas and sent them a goose, and now that the Whittaker fortunes have been restored she still searches for him. When she finds him and discovers his lonely predicament he is all but kidnapped by her family to spend Christmas with them…and it is certainly going to be a Christmas to remember as all his skeletons are going to come out of their closets at once!

Sentimental? Yes, but this is a great escapist Christmas read to put all romance lovers in the holiday mood. Plenty of research has been done but it appears unobtrusively in the background, and the whole thing is just the right length to be enchanting and as light as a snowflake. Engaging characters and lots of fun when the guests start arriving!

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