Intimate Moments, No. 1047
Silhouette - December 2000 
ISBN: 0373271174 – Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.com
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Doreen Roberts, who also writes cozy mysteries under the pseudonym of Kate Kingsbury, brings category romance readers the next to the last chapter in the “36 Hours” series by Silhouette. 

A Very…Pregnant New Year’s is a hot contemporary romance set during the holidays in Grand Springs, Colorado. The prologue introduces us to Anne Parker and Brad Irving as children. They attended the same school and grew up in the same small Colorado town. Anne moves away, and after facing a personal crisis while living in Denver as a successful architect, she decides to return home to be with her grandfather, parents, and three siblings. The same feudal sparks that flew when Anne and Brad ran into each other as youngsters is rekindled when she runs into him again at a ski resort. When they end up trapped together after an avalanche, all past family history and anger must be put aside to survive. For 36 hours they are trapped in a cabin and get to know each other pretty well, but once rescued, Anne feels her family must come before her emotions…that is until she learns she is pregnant.

What better way to start the year then with a romance of pride, passion, humility, and love? I found it to be a very quick, idealistic type read that had me rooting for the hero and heroine and mentally cursing the families. Anne is an independent character, but sometimes I wanted to reach in and slap her upside the head and advise her to think about herself for once. And don’t get me started on the two mothers. The story takes readers from the characters’ youth to adulthood. Later in the storyline the family feud is explained, and the romance takes some typical turns, which kept this reader holding on, and, like I said, rooting for the couple that fate continued to throw together.

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