Bayou Blood Brothers by Rebecca York, Metsy Hingle & Joanna Wayne
Harlequin Intrigue, No. 606
Harlequin Retail Inc – March 2001
ISBN: 0373226063 – Paperback
Category Romance

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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I enjoy anthologies. My favorites are those which blend the stories into one plot. Bayou Blood Brothers is just that kind. There were four young teens; one is murdered, and the other three were witnesses. Each author takes on the tale of one of the young men, who are now grown. 

Four teens bond in a boys boot camp. When Dave is murdered, Tyler, Nick, and Jules speak up as witnesses. They become blood brothers, promising to protect each other for the rest of their lives. Thirteen years later it seems they’ve lost touch, but something is about to remind each of them of Louisiana Peltier Point boot camp and the promise they made.

Tyler was the one who called Dave’s little sister, Gabby, and broke the bad news thirteen years ago. On an FBI undercover job he runs into her again. Can he keep her safe through all the danger and suspense?

Nick returns to the bayou for a wedding and is accused of killing the groom. Caroline, the bride, is his former love. While he is trying to prove his innocence, she is trying to deal with his return and her sudden widowhood.

Jules is looking for the murderer of his cousin. During a nightly killer hunt, he drops by an old flame’s home. Little did he know it would put them both in so much danger. It’s obvious someone wants the bayou blood brothers dead, but who? And why?

Three stories wrapped in one making a combined story of murder, passion, and revenge. The characters and sub characters are as strong and passionate as the love scenes. The plot is successfully pulled together by the three authors and brought to an impressive end. There is plenty of suspense and passion for everyone, so enjoy!

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