BEDAZZLED by Christine Holden 
Jove Magical Love, 2000
ISBN 0515127744 - Paperback
Paranormal - Fantasy/ Comedy

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore,
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Ashley is a twenty three year old woman who never met a dollar she could not spend. Her problem is she has loved Jordan for seven years and he is frugal to the point of miserliness. Though she is his friend's sister, he does not see any future for them.  Ashley resolves to change her ways, at the insistence of her parents. However, she just cannot help herself and buys an old silver bowl.

She soon discovers that this is no ordinary bowl, but a magic one named Elvis. Elvis promises to help her win Jordan and learn to control herself. Through a series of comedic events, he does just that. Jordan and Ashley do come together, though at first, she wonders if it is only magic that draws him to her. The real magic is the way both of them overcome their pasts to reach moderation in their extreme lifestyles.

Bedazzled is a light, fun comedy with an unusual star that we Can perhaps hope to see in future novels. Elvis is more fun than any genie. I rate it three stars for pure a pure escape.

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