By Patricia Crossley

ISBN: 1-59105-048-8 - trade paperback
ISBN: 1-59105-023-3 - eBook

Romance / Paranormal - Ghosts

Reviewed by Annie Bonneau,
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Having just bought her families' ancestral located in Ste-Marie Sur-le-Lac, near the city of Montreal, in the Province of Quebec, Canada, Sarah MacMillan is hoping to start a new life, leaving her past in the dust. Her new project to renovate a cabin by the lake for her handicapped brother, suiting his special wheelchair needs.  Looking forward to having her brother close-by, Sarah busies herself with the cabin renovations and hunts for antiques in the local shops for the new business she has also decided to start. Through it all, she dreams; dreams that have haunted her past and have increased in detail, since finding a diary in her ancestral home.  She begins to believe that her dreams are somehow connected not only to the diary  but the house she now owns.

Pierre Martin, a Torontonian undercover Canadian Mountie with a hard past and sad memories of his own, enters her life in the guise of renting the renovated cabin.  His mission, to unearth details of Sarah's past that would confirm her connection to her ex-boyfriend's criminal past. Sarah's dreams escalate with Pierre's presence in her reality, with ghostly apparitions that could link not only her own past, but that of Pierre's.

Pierre and Sarah must team-up to solve the haunting mysteries and uncover their connections to the dreams, risking everything, even their own lives!

Beloved Stranger is a perfect pick to read one dark evening by a fireplace. It's light story telling will take you through the streets of Montreal and it's surrounding suburban towns. The book's detailed descriptions of locations and scenic views of the Quebec cities will leave you thinking you have toured them yourself. 

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