BONE COLD by Erica Spindler 
Mira - March 2001 
ISBN 1551667940
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore, MyShelf.Com
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Quentin Malone is a cop with a lot of problems. His partner is in a meltdown over a divorce and it looks like might also be a killer. A nutty beauty is bugging him every few days claiming young girls are being victimized. But when a third woman turns up dead, and she has been mutilated to resemble the aforementioned beauty, he has to start paying attention to her. 

She is Anna North, best-selling mystery writer, formerly known as Harlow Grail.  Harlow had been kidnapped and mutilated when she was a child. Her secret has been exposed now, and it looks like her captor has come out of the past to finish what he began. The truth is even more shocking. Malone barely manages to rescue the woman he has come to love before a killer neither could ever expect takes her life. 

This book is edge of the seat right from the start. Five stars and a standing ovation for Ms. Spindler. 

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