THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST by Teresa Medeiros
Bantam Books - April  2001
ISBN: 0553801252 - Hardback 
Historical Romance 

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Teresa Medeiro's THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST is a rich tapestry overflowing with emotional drama.  Readers will be spellbound and left guessing right up until the end as the climax slowly unravels its memorizing tale.

Known only as Dragon, a fearless creature set on reeking vengeance on the helpless townspeople of Ballybliss.  He ruthlessly demands an unrealistic sum of one thousand pounds, the citizens known such a high price could not be provided.  They offer the only alternative equivalent to the sum, Gwendolyn Wilder, a well-known virgin.  Surprised at the gift the townspeople offer, he is captivated by the spirit and beauty Gwendolyn exhibits.  Will she have the power to conquer his lair, his chamber, his bed?

Gwendolyn Wilder lost her heart and the love her life tragically fifteen years ago.  Now her life consists of caring for an insane father and three haphazard sisters.  When the town forces her to sacrifice her life to save them from destruction, she tries to escape.  Unfortunately, she is captured and delivered to Castle Weyrcraig, known as the Dragons Lair.  Dragon refuses to reveal his mysterious face, and communicates through a smoky voice, seductive touch, and a ravishing kiss.  Will she have the courage to slay the Dragon and capture his heart?

THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST is deftly plotted and beautifully written.  Readers will find it an engrossing tale, with a delightful cast of characters.  It will long be remembered and revisited many times to come.

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