BURIED SECRETS by Anne Barbour
Signet - May 2000
ISBN: 0451200233 - Paperback
A Regency Romance

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Earl of Corday has bolted! His aunt, Lady Binstead, has set an engagement trap for him, and now he is on the run. Cord has always liked his neighbor, Corisande, but he isnít in love with her, so he heads for parts unknown -- to his relatives anyway. His aunt hires the Bow Street Runners to find him. 

Ginny Tate lives with her aunt and uncle in Rose Cottage, on the Earls property. She is trying her best to help her aunt keep Uncle Henryís work under wraps. Her chance at married life was lost with her fiancée in the Battle of Waterloo, and now she is considered a spinster. Here are two people that believe love is for fools for different reasons, and are quite sure they will never fall into the marital entrapment, but alas fate and a rider-less horse are about to change things. 

Buried Secrets isnít a romance with a hero and heroine playing a simpletons game of should we or shouldnít we.  Embedded in this wonderful romance is a lesson in giving oneís self and reaping the rewards. Anne Barbourís regencies are far from quixotic. Her stories are very practicable and reachable. Her readers find themselves surrounded by the storylines with a need to participate in the actions and emotions of the characters. If you donít believe me, read Buried Secrets and see if you donít wipe your brow with relief and cheer the Earl of Corday on as he escapes a near engagement, his auntís frustration in thinking she is doing the right by the thankless Corday brothers, feel Ginny and Aunt Louisaís fear and worry at others learning their secret, or feel Uncle Henryís obsessive passion to solve the secret. Itís a wonderful story that gets to the heart of the matter; people, emotions and voices are always in motion.

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