Cupid: The Captivating Chauffeur by J. M. Jeffries 
Imajinn Books - February 2001
ISBN: 1893896137 - Paperback 
Paranormal -  Fantasy

Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks,
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Venus is now the Goddess of Fruit Trees and Gardens, and Cupid is the God of Flocks and Herds. While Venus is trying to grow carrots on orange trees in Florida and Cupid is trying to herd crickets, Jupiter decides to make Vesta, Goddess of Virtue and the only immortal who thinks that an Everlast Chastity belt never goes out of style, Goddess of Love!

Now that Vesta has a chance to reshape the mortal race in her own “chaste” image, her first match is Andrew Sullivan, a rich, 37-year-old retired stockbroker, and Olivia Montgomery, otherwise known as the “Ice Queen”. Determined not to let the “old prune” take over the job that is rightfully hers and ruin the lives of the mortal race, Venus has already decided that Andrew and Francesca Ling, a 29-year-old, half Italian, half Chinese Artist who drives for her father’s limo service, are perfect for each other. Venus and Cupid pull out their bag of tricks and set out to prove that THEY are the real masters of love. Can they keep Vesta from ruining Andrew and Frankie’s chance at happiness, or will the true goddess of love regain her position and let the two live happily ever after?

This is the best one of the series! I absolutely LOVE Frankie’s wild, free-spirited attitude, and the antics that Venus and Cupid pull to keep Vesta from getting in their way are just hilarious! The characters are well written and as original as fingerprints, but still have qualities that even the most boring person could relate to. It’s absolutely enticing! You’ll NEVER want to put it down! Fair warning: there is sexual content so I don’t recommend this for younger teens, but I definitely recommend this book for anyone who still believes in fate and hopeless romanticism.

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